Busy Bike Month Winding Down

RideTacoma has attended many of the local Bike Month events and there’s still one more tomorrow, the Bike-In Movie Night at The Red Hot (21+ only.)  Along with the movie and some bike-themed beers, they’ll be celebrating Tacoma’s first on-street bike corral, installed outside their door on 6th Ave between Pine and Junett Streets. RideTacoma was the first to try it out!

Here’s a recap of some of the Bike Month events that we enjoyed. What events did you attend? Any event suggestions for next year?

Tacoma Bike Swap: This event continues to be a huge draw for riders in every part of Tacoma’s cycling community. Mattias volunteered at the bike corral while I pitched in with 2nd Cycle in the vendor area. There was something for everyone, even an obstacle course for the kids.

Bike to Market Day: The Tacoma Farmers Markets are happening more often and in more parts of the city. We missed the Broadway Market on May 3, but biked to the 6th Ave Market the following week for some produce. A friendly farmer liked our bike and gave us this tomato start.

National Bike to School Day: I biked to school with my kids and was happy to see a few other families trying it for the first time, too. We’ll be posting more on family cycling in the coming months.

Zeit Bike: Letterpress Ride/Seek: My kids loved this event! Not only did we get to see the cool artwork from Wayzgoose and other local artists, but we also made our own art and jewelry from recycled bike tires. I’d like to see the Tacoma Art Museum make this happen again next year.

National Bike to Work Day: Mattias and I are both avid commuters, and it was obvious that there were more bikes on the road this particular day.  Remember that if you log at least five bike trips with Pierce Trips during May, you’ll be eligible for some cool prizes. Be sure to log those trips before the end of the month!

Bike to a Better Tacoma: Mobility coordinators from the City were on hand to talk with riders about plans and efforts to make Tacoma more bikeable. There were seasoned riders wanting to know what the city has planned for the future, and just as many new riders looking for more information and advice on how to include bikes in their daily lives. Attendance included all types of riders: families, racers, tourers, bike shop employees, and many commuters. If you’re looking for a do-it-all event to attend next year, this might be it. I helped with the valet bike parking out front: we had nearly 60 riders plus another 10 kids that arrived in trailers and on cargobikes. I have a good idea of where the City can place the next on-street bike corral…

Bike to a Better Tacoma


Bike Month: Bike to a Better Tacoma – Thursday 4:30 – 6:30

Tomorrow night, The Hub hosts the annual Bike to a Better Tacoma. It’s an informal gathering of cyclists and city staff to meet and talk bicycling in Tacoma. I attended last year and learnt a lot and met a bunch of fellow riders. Alas I won’t be there this year. You know, work. 4:30 – 6:30pm Totally Worth it! Ride there and win things! Map

Bike Month: 2nd Cycle in the Papers

2nd Cycle is once again mentioned in the local news. This time in the Tacoma Weekly:

Wheels never seem to stop spinning at 2nd Cycle, an all-volunteer bike shop in Hilltop.

The community bicycle project provides low-cost bicycles, bike parts and free classes about bike repairs and safety as a way to help people opt out of their cars and onto a set of pedals. The 4-year-old nonprofit supports itself through donations and the sale of refurbished bikes and parts.

2nd Cycle formed in mid-2008, when four friends gathered their thoughts to create a community bicycle shop. The effort started simply as a portable bike stand, some discarded parts and a small set of tools that volunteers could use to refurbish old bikes for resale to low-income people who could not otherwise afford new bicycles. The organization is part of a growing trend around America to bring bicycles back to urban roadways.

Read more here.

Bike Month: Beginning Mountain Bike Ride – Sunday 1pm

Riding a mountain bike on trail can be an intimidating experience. Playback Sports and Tacoma Bike have partnered together to make it easy for you:

You’ve heard the stories and seen the movies, now you can live the ride on this excursion for women cyclists new to mountain biking. Meet at Tacoma Bike-Proctor to carpool to Banner Forest, a combination rural-urban trail that is perfect for learning to bunnyhop and manual!

Sunday, May 20th 1PM – Tacoma Bike Proctor, 3816 N 26TH ST, Tacoma, WA. Map
Preregister at Playback Sports, 2621 N Proctor, Tacoma, WA – 253-627-4938

Bike Month: Zeit Bike: Letterpress Ride/Seek – Thursday 5-8pm

From PierceTrips.com:

Local artists, including Beautiful Angle, Wayzgoose, and Stadium High School students, will unveil letterpress posters inspired by spokes, frames, and chains. Also view “Bill Cunningham New York,” a documentary about the Schwinn-riding photographer behind the NYTimes weekly “On the Street Fashion.” Showings begin at 5:00 and 6:30 PM. Admission is free as part of Third Thursday.

Thursday, May 17th 5-8PM, Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. Map


National Bike to School Day is May 9

In conjunction with Bike Month, the first National Bike to School Day is set for May 9, 2012. Organized by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, the event promotes bicycling as a safe transportation option for students. More kids biking to school means less car traffic around schools, which ultimately increases safety for all children.


How will you be participating in Bike to School Day?
I am the parent of an elementary student and a pre-schooler. We ride to school nearly every day, sometimes on separate bikes and sometimes all together on one cargobike. My youngest rider is 4 years old, so sometimes we ride on the sidewalk and walk our bikes across intersections. The most difficult part of the trip is always the last block, trying to navigate through a sea of cars and busses edging towards the school curb.  If you are driving, consider parking further away from the school and walking the last block with your children. This will help you both avoid and reduce the congestion and traffic hazards around the school.


How is Tacoma promoting Biking to School?
Biking to school is becoming a priority for Tacoma.  Stadium High School and Tacoma School Of The Arts were both recently awarded grants from the city’s Office of Sustainability to create school bike clubs, partly in an effort to promote biking to school. At my neighborhood elementary school, there’s an effort to better integrate cycling into the school’s Safe Routes program in order to reduce the amount of vehicle congestion during pick-ups and drop-offs.  While the elementary schools in the Tacoma Public School District have their own Safe Walking Routes (find your school then look for the “Safe Walking Route” link on the right), most have not yet integrated them with safe bicycle routes.


What are other schools doing to get kids riding?
Most Bike to School programs begin as grass-roots efforts led by parents with support from school administrators, PTAs, and students.  One of the most successful programs is in Portland, OR, where Bike Trains have been implemented at many elementary schools.  A bike train works like a school bus: An adult volunteer bikes along a predetermined route, picking up students and other parents on their bikes at identified stops along the way. Bike Trains usually happen once a week at participating schools and help teach new riders the best routes to their school while encouraging safe cycling techniques.  The success of Bike Train PDX has led a group of Seattle parents to form Walk.Bike.Schools!, a blog and guide to implementing and documenting Bike to School programs at their neighborhood schools.


Do you know of any other programs in Tacoma that promote getting kids on bikes? What hurdles are keeping you and your kids from biking to school?

Bike Month: Bike Maintenance for Women and Girls – 14th May

Tacoma Bike is hosting a women specific bike maintenance class this Monday:

Learn how to keep your bike in top shape during this maintenance class for women and girls. Just bring your bike wheelS and enthusiasm for cycling!

Preregister at Playback Sports | 2621 N Proctor | 253-627-4938

Monday, May 14th 7PM. Tacoma Bike Proctor. 3816 N 26TH ST, Tacoma, WA

Bike Month: Woman’s Urban Bike Ride – Sunday 1pm

If you are a woman rider and wanting to get more comfortable riding your bike around Tacoma and with others this event is for you:

Join us for this urban ride with flexibility! Take a short ride on the Scott Pierson Trail while learning about other regional bike trail systems. Stick around afterward for the challenge of an extended ride.

Preregister at Playback Sports | Map | 253-627-4938

Ride departs from Tacoma Bike Proctor Store at 1pm. Map

Bike Month: Edgeworks Climbing

A message from Edgeworks Climbing:

Hey, all you cycling climbers!  Did you know that May is Bike Month?  All month there are tons of different bike related events going on around the city to encourage and educate cyclists in our fine city.  Here at Edgeworks, we love seeing our bike rack full, and many of our employees enjoy hopping on two wheels to get around as well.  Bike Month is all about increasing awareness of bicyclists on our roads, teaching cyclists how to ride safely, educating motorists on how to drive alongside those of us on bikes, and just getting excited about biking!  We wanted to participate in some way, so for Bike month we’ve got a special going on for all you who choose to ride to Edgeworks!  On every Monday during the month of May, if you ride your bike to Edgeworks, you get a discounted day pass– $10!

Edgeworks Climbing6102 North 9th Street, Suite 200, Tacoma, WA 98406. 253-564-4899

Bike Month: Bicycling Basics Workshops – Tuesdays

As part of Bike Month Defiance Bicycles is hosting two Bicycling Basics Workshops over the next two Tuesdays:

Whether you are a new rider or just curious about bicycles, this workshop will put you on track to become a more comfortable, confident cyclist. Presentation on “bicycle anatomy,” essential gear, rules of the road and safe riding techniques will be followed by a “No Question Too Basic” Q&A.

Please RSVP to: defiancecyclesllc@gmail.com by May 6th. Map

Tuesday, May 8th 6:30-800PM & Tuesday, May 15th 6:30-8:00PM